We Control the Quality of your Products

IBRO International Ltd. is your trusted partner on the ground to monitor production and oversee QC for your products.

We can act as your on-site representative and work directly with you and your suppliers to set realistic quality objectives and implement the necessary steps and safeguards to ensure that your quality standards are met.

IBRO International Ltd. can perform supplier audits and factory evaluations utilizing our proprietary scoring system to grade your vendors.  A customized inspection schedule (pre-production, in-line, pre-shipment, container loading) is established to ensure your needs are covered.

We can help identify problems in production, set up a process to fix them and make sure they are addressed in order to limit the chance of re-occurrence.

Quality Control by European Standards

Why you Need Quality Control?
How Quality Control Works
How We Work
What type of QC inspections we offer

What Client’s Say

Working with IBRO is easy and simple, excellent team!
Luis Fernando, Colombia
We didn’t know how to start but thanks to them, we are better orientated and well advised.
Maria Ines, Colombia
We weren’t sure whether we should buy from one supplier in China or not. We contacted IBRO International to ask them to verify the supplier and everything went well!
Mauricio, Colombia
We already imported from China a couple of years ago but we had problems with the communication and the monitoring of the production. Since we’ve decided to work with IBRO everything on communication and monitoring levels has been simplified. We were able to focus on sales and grow our business!
Daniel, Chili
Excellent work, thank you!
Felipe, Chili
I am very satisfied with the quality of our promotional gadgets! Will purchase again!!
AMICALE, Luxembourg
Bought our mould for die castings through IBRO and are not at the 3rd mass production with our casting. Good quality control and production follow and transparent and honest team. 
Andrew, Germany

Why choose IBRO International Ltd.?

  • We are full service sourcing, supply chain management and quality control company
  • We focus on high-quality service and procurement work only
  • We offer a complete procurement solution with supplier inspection and quality control
  • We work in 6 languages
  • We facilitate your manufacturing process allowing you to concentrate on your customer base
  • We beleive every project is unique

Our Other Services

Sourcig From China

IBRO International is specialized in finding and finalizing the right suppliers for your requirement.

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Supply Chain Management

IBRO can optimize your supply chain and allows you to focus on core competencies.

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IBRO can customize your project on market entry, provide sales and marketing training.

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