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IBRO International is your connection to Asian markets! 

No matter if you’re an European, American or a Japanese company, if you have worked with Chinese suppliers you must have faced a lot of difficulties. Sometimes long distance communication, language barrier and cultural differences can complicate or even make business relations impossible.

Our team, at IBRO international, has insight knowledge of the Chinese market and in-depth understanding of Chinese culture. At the same time, we have all lived and worked abroad and we are familiar with the requirements of European and American companies. Moreover we work in 6 different languages!

Today we offer comprehensive solutions and consulting to both foreign and domestic companies that are interested in overseas markets.

You Are a Chinese Manufacturer

You are a Chinese manufacturer or a Chinese supplier, seeking market entry in Europe or America

You Are a Western Company

You are an European, American or any other company, seeking market entry in China or in Hongkong
How We Can Help You
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How We Can Help You
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Why choose IBRO International Ltd.?

  • We are full service sourcing, supply chain management and quality control company
  • We focus on high-quality service and procurement work only
  • We offer a complete procurement solution with supplier inspection and quality control
  • We work in 6 languages
  • We facilitate your manufacturing process allowing you to concentrate on your customer base
  • We beleive every project is unique

Our Other Services

Sourcig From China

IBRO International is specialized in finding and finalizing the right suppliers for your requirement.

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Quality Control

IBRO International guarantees a detailed supplier investigation and supply reference.

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Supply Chain Management

IBRO can optimize your supply chain and allows you to focus on core competencies.

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